Our training programs are focused and are encircling all industries and sectorspodium2 in general while rendering wide verse training programs as per the requirement and the need of our clients.

Following are the few general areas focusing training requirements in telecom sector entities, MNCs, FMCGs, Distribution companies, Industrial and Manufacturing Sector covering departmental trainings clubbed with soft skill packages:

Teamwork and Team Building Project Management
Leadership vs Management Project Cycle Management
Couching and Counseling skills for Managers Business Process improvement
Supervisory Skills Human Resource Management
Building Loyalties Recruiting and Resourcing
Self Motivating – An Asset Effective Selection Interviewing Techniques
Team Development and Team Management Performance Management and appraisal
Decision Making Negotiation Skills
Problem Solving  and Conflict Resolution Communication Skills
Change Management Presentation Skills
Leading Change Improve your Selling Skills
Sales focusing Customer Service Total Quality Services
Target Marketing Next generation Supply Chain Management
Marketing – How to attain Better Market Share Distribution and chain management
Focus Win-win Strategy Inventory Management

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