CREVO Socio Consulting combines the diverse expertise and successful project management experience of its project managers, with the cross-sector intellectual, research, consultant and advisory resources. CREVO is committed to the continued delivery of high-quality consultancy, operational and management services to clients pursuing development activities in the economic management and social sectors. Through CREVO’s large register of dedicated international development consultants and through its international links and access to eminent and competent technical experts, CREVO can deliver internationally-competitive capabilities in the various required services. CREVO is working with various Local NGOs, INGOs, agencies of UN system and other social sector organizations as a professional partner and consultant in their respective program areas.
With a strong urge for renewal of society, CREVO has developed a vast and strong network of Non-Governmental Organizations as well as Community Based Organizations in all the rural and urban areas of the country. This network is very effective in conducting community-based interventions and caters for all the logistical and technical requirements to carry out social and development plans.

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