Understanding the need of our clients and the services required to the INGOs, CREVO is offering its legal and professional services through our experienced resource persons, in order to facilitate our valued customer. We perform these services while remaining in the stipulated time frame as per the expectations of our clients. These services includes

  1.        Preparation/Changes/amendments of Agreements / MOU
  2.       Arrangements for signing of all type of agreements / MOUs / NOCs
  3.    Preparation of documents for Interim Permissions / Approvals
  4.      Processing of Visa’s and Exit permits for Expatriates
  5.    Custom clearances
  6.       M & E (Quarterly Statements) submitted by INGOs
  7.     Arrangement of meetings with GOP officials
  8.      Transfer of Vehicles
  9.      Travel NOCs
  10.       Permits/approvals for opening of offices

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