Podium; learning and development division of CREVO is offering training and capacity building programspodium1 focusing on requirement and appetite in corporate sector, MNCs, Telco’s and private sector organizations. These training programs are focused towards different organizational requirements and professional grooming programs including stress management, conflict management, time management, motivational skills, efficiency and affectivity, selling and marketing skills, communication skills, presentation skill and other soft skills and subjective programs. Along with that we also offer training programs on Technical skills related to Banking & Finance, Commercial Banking, Portfolio Management, HSE focusing manufacturing concerns, Oil and Gas Sector and Multinationals etc.

We use effective approach, where we use the mix of strategy for in-depth absorption and effective understanding of what is required. This includes the use of content, activities, success stories, interactive sessions and real life examples. So that the massage is conveyed and effective results are obtained.

We believe that counseling workshops and interactive sessions assist different people to resolve their emotional and career difficulties; our programs help the aspiring professionals to transform themselves into asset resources of their organizations.

In a short span of time, CREVO has succeeded in getting the enlistment with various oil and petroleum sector entities, NGOs, agencies of UN system and renowned education sector institutions.

Podium is offering training and capacity building programs for different program areas and skills based capacity building programs in different domains through our well experienced resource persons having years of experience in their respective industries.

  • Trainings in corporate sector
  • Capacity building in Social Development Sector
  • International Standards and Manual based Training Programs