Having familiarity with and implementation of international standards is the key to success in the modern business competitive environment. Podium offers training and implementation programs for different professional and international standards as per the requirement.  This includes FIDI- FAIM, FIDI-FAIMISO, FADA, ISO standards.


  • Under ISO standards we are focused towards conducting podawareness programs, trainings and building the capacity of the organizations in respect to different risks and generating quality services, covering operational risks, enterprise risks in information security, controlling outgoing quality, risk assessment on structures, environmental management systems, and quality management. These include organizational analysis, formation and formulation of policies, procedures, and training programs, defining implementation modules, compliance and audit exercises.
  • Under building the awareness and implementation of quality standards for packing and moving industry, airline podindustry we offers training programs for FIDI-FAIM, FIDI-FAIMISO, IATA etc, so that our clients shall be in better position to render quality services resulting in generating growing sales and differentiate themselves for their customer care and systemize their operations

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